Primbon Bali Agung
Ancestral Heritage Library

Meaning Yard House viewed from the position and Topography - Primbon Bali Agung
  • Leaning to the East
    Named Manik Noble, melt all diseases, many fortune, safe, peaceful, Duck beak planted in the western corner.
  • Leaning to the West
    Named Series Sedana, often debated, often quarrel, many diseases. Refusal: planted with bananas, papaya in the northeast corner.
  • Leaning to the South
    Named Geladah, wealth will be lost, often gets hazards. Refusal: planted mawa (Geni) in the middle of the reef.
  • Leaning to the North
    named Indraprasta, all will be achieved, if the rich will get to our children and grandchildren.
  • Leaning Leaning to the East and to the West (in height) like the back of a cow
    Named Dharmalungid, will acquire much wealth.
  • Leaning to the South, but the south swamp
    Named Sekarsinom, rich treasures, often lost. To overcome: tamarind trees and pomegranate trees.
  • High in the West, Low in the North
    Danarasa named, will be a lot of wives and rich possessions.
  • High in the West, Low in the East
    Named Srinugraha, got a great gift from God.
  • High in the East, Low in the West
    Named Kalawisa, constantly sick sickly, and often to the point of death.
  • Gumulung (ramps) to the North
    Named Wisnumanitis, many acquire fortune, down to children and grandchildren.
  • Ramps to the South
    Named Siwabhoja, always gets temptation and tribulation.
  • Flat Bringing Ferris yellowish red
    Named Brahmanapadam, the land was haunted, often dangerous.
  • Ferris Brings Green pooled score
    Named Endragana, congratulations and good
  • Surrounded Mount or Bubung
    Named Burghers katubing, become rich possessions.
  • Surrounded by Water
    Named Sigarpenyalin, often quarrel. Refusal: Planting the water in the middle of the yard.
  • Mount on the western side
    Named Asungelak, often dirisak people. Refusal: throw lungka (dry clay).
  • Exit Water
    Named Singhamerta, pain. Refusal: planting stone in the middle of the yard.
  • Surrounded Canyons
    Named Sunia withered, many children.
  • Water flanked on Next to Canyons
    Named Srimanggepel, will be rich rice and paddy.
  • Flanked by mountains
    Named Luwurwangke, favored by buffalo, cows etc.
  • Leaning to the North, in the East Mountain, in the South Mountain
    Named Arjuna, a big heart, often made shy person.
  • Surrounded Mount and Shadowed Mount
    Named Tigawarna, calm and serene, always imprisoned.
  • The ground Colour White, Sweet It smells wonderful
    A good sign, and many brought wealth.
  • The ground are green, It Sweet, spicy, and smells Rancid
    Sign better, richer, and survived.
  • The soil Color Red, It Sweet, spicy smell
    A good sign and rich in cattle.
  • The soil Color Black, feels bitter, smells Amis
    Very bad sign, becomes a demon place.