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Character Forecast 8 December 2020 - English Mobile Version

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Birth date of 8 December 2020
  • Eka Wara: -
  • Dwi Wara: Menga
  • Tri Wara: Pasah
    Jolly, happy talk, happy to lie to his friends.
  • Catur Wara: Jaya
    Firm stance, but like envy so difficult to get pleasure.
  • Panca Wara: Pon
    Happy frolic, and like to look for friend.
  • Sad Wara: Tungleh
    Glad lie, do embarrassing. Always undecided. Not suitable crops the harvested leaves.
  • Sapta Wara: Anggara
    Do not do heavy work / important because it will cause trouble if not careful once. Diligent work although the heavy moreover light.
  • Asta Wara: Guru
    Light-minded. Pitied people. People needed his advice.
  • Sanga Wara: Dangu
    Rather stupid. Although diligent study, but he is hard to be clever. Stone emblem.
  • Dasa Wara: Pandita
    Glad to be of cleanliness. Clever and wise.
  • Wuku: Menail
    The Citragatra God, His mind is very sharp, smooth pekertinya mind, but rather arrogant, clever adjust socially, not greedy in pursuit of fortune, always cautious, authoritative, deft in the work.
  • Lintang: Asu
    Behavior quiet, intelligent, rampart. Having a warrior soul, never retreat, want to be rich, a lot of people liked him because of his attitude toward other people either.
  • Purnama-Tilem: Pangelong 9
    His mind was clear, likes to be a poet, many good activities.
  • Eka Jala Resi: Buat suka
    Can be happy.
  • Pararasan: Laku pandita sakti
    Quiet/calm, lightly feelings, clever, happy with the quack science, sometimes a bit arrogant, like to be praised, through literature he became famous.
  • Panca Suda: Satria wibawa
    Outspoken, obtaining a pleasant life and lofty position.
  • Pratiti Samut Pada: Sadayatana
    Like to argue, many have a desire, smart talk, rarely sick, when traveling will meet safety. Dangerous at the age of 5 days, 5 months, 1 year, 8 years old, and 10 years. Died at Pratiti Separsa.

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