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  • Eka Wara: Luang
    Silent, airy.
  • Dwi Wara: Pepet
  • Tri Wara: Pasah
    Jolly, happy talk, happy to lie to his friends.
  • Catur Wara: Menala
    Love to have fun. Less wise. His age is short.
  • Panca Wara: Wage
    Glad lie. Do not want to be aware of her shortcomings. Less loyal. But likes to work and build.
  • Sad Wara: Paniron
    Clever ethical (manners) and well into artisan fishing.
  • Sapta Wara: Anggara
    Do not do heavy work / important because it will cause trouble if not careful once. Diligent work although the heavy moreover light.
  • Asta Wara: Uma
    Have thoughts of envy, taciturn. Careful to keep him.
  • Sanga Wara: Nohan
    Peaceful heart. Do not like to make a fuss. Moon symbol.
  • Dasa Wara: Raja
    Clever, thoughtful and happy merencakanan first of all what is going to implement.
  • Wuku: Ugu
    The God of Singajalma, All actions cautious, but very careless and reckless, less jaunty, often alone, lofty ideals and ambition to get ahead, he felt a sharp and smooth.
  • Lintang: Perahu Sarat
    Very glad to help the needy. Attract the sympathy of others, loved in the association as clever in speech. Do not hesitate to defend a friend, but often regards understand and despair.
  • Purnama-Tilem: Penanggal 5
    Generous to the wife/husband, clear ideals, happy farming.
  • Eka Jala Resi: Kinasihan amerta
    Got livelihood.
  • Pararasan: Laku bumi
    Quiet, short hearts, like brainstorm/dialogue, if you're going to say speech sometimes undone, once the words are real.
  • Panca Suda: Lebu katiup angin
    The liver is often shaken, easily swayed, difficult to set the direction, life is less, often restless when sitting.
  • Pratiti Samut Pada: Widnyana
    Long life, beloved priests, attention, love kids, what is desired is often successful, sometimes has a mind of envy, patiently. Dangerous at the age of 5 days, 5 months and 5 years. Died at Pratiti Namarupa.

The Meaning of Crashing a Cat to Death

If we hit a cat until it gets injured, it means that in the near future the hitman will catch a serious illness, unless the cat is treated.

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The Meaning of the Gecko Sound

According to Javanese people's belief, the sound of the gecko is calculated based on an odd-even count to interpret something good or bad that will happen. For example, the sound of the first gecko means good, second bad, third is good and so on. The conclusion is in the last vote, odd means good and even heavy is bad.

Whereas in Balinese society, the sound of the gecko is defined by the number of times the gecko sounds, from one to 15 counts. If the gecko beeps more than 15 times then the count of 16 returns again with its meaning like counting to 1 and so on. The complete meaning of the sound of the gecko based on the number is as follows ... More