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Benefits of Onion Woodpeckers | Mythology of Benefits. Body parts of the onion woodpecker
Efficacy of onion woodpeckers

Onion woodpeckers are believed to be full of mystical properties. In addition to being used as a complement to offerings, this bird, whose Latin name is Dinopium javanense, is believed to have mystical powers. For example, apart from being a strong medicine, it is believed that onion woodpeckers can also make someone become an orator and expert debate expert.

The benefits of onion woodpeckers are as follows:

  • Upper half. It is used to gild furniture (made of iron) so that it works great.
  • Lower half. Used for sigsig (brushing teeth) so that teeth become strong.
  • His tongue. Used to be good at talking.
  • The eyes. Hanging at home to stay up late.
  • The hair on his head. Place it under the cot so the baby is calm.
  • The head. Being carried away during war, the enemy is afraid.
  • Brain (inside his head). Smeared on the eyes so you can see far. Or mixed with green coconut oil, use hair oil to make hair fertile. It can also be eaten, so that people will pity it.
  • The blood. Dry, to treat disease.
  • His chest. Eaten, to treat disease.
  • His chest. It is planted in the fields / fields so that the plants become fertile.
  • The kibul (tail). Eaten, in order to be feared by people. If eaten by the wife, it will be loved by her husband.
  • Her kibul and neck hair. Burned and the ashes eaten by women to make it look beautiful.
  • The neck. Eaten, so that the children will like it.
  • Left wing feathers. For kili / tools to clean the ears so they don't become deaf.
  • Right wing feathers. Bring it (put it in a bag) to be respected by friends.
  • The meat of the wings. Edible, in order to maintain the attitude.
  • Wings. Plus coconut oil, for massage oil for swelling, ulcers and colds.
  • The feet. It is planted in the fields / fields to make the plants fertile.
  • nails. To put people who are sick again, in order to be healthy.
  • The nails. When eaten, it is liked by women.
  • The heart. Eaten, so that quickly get what is expected.
  • The gall. Soaked and drunk the water so that it is strong to travel.
  • The skin. Wear a belt to be strong against pain and distress.
  • His heart. Applied to the vital organs so that they are strong together.
  • The heart. Mixed with herbs (water) and then drunk so that the energy becomes strong.
  • Veins (muscles). Eaten to relieve rheumatism.
  • Its fur. Burned all, the ashes are used as powder for people with edema (wadag ageng) so that they can recover quickly.
  • His whole body. Mixed with adas pulasari, used for herbal drink, so that the body will be in good shape.