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Zodiac Forecast of Taurus 16 May 2007 - English Mobile Version

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Birth date of 16 May 2007
  • Symbol
    The Bull
  • Health
    Susceptible to diseases of the throat and venereal disease. High sexual desire, and therefore need to be careful with venereal disease.
  • Character
    Generally very loyal to his friends and be able to defend vigorously, brave and responsible. Patient, but can be dangerous when angry. Not like the small and trivial things. Like to build something that is expected to be eternal. Delicate feelings so that they can feel the difficulties of others and always wanted to help. Has a sharp premonition, so that quickly know the nature of interlocutors. In general, work slowly, but when it is going to work, he will work hard and sometimes to outside powers. The weakness, elegant, love to dress nice until the old days. Quickly attracted and drawn by the opposite sex. If anger often destructive.
  • Occupation
    Architect, banker, farmer, author, singer, leader of the movement, and speech experts. Like the pursuit of wealth and success. Not less food and clothing.
  • Mate
    In marriage disadvantaged because of frequent quarrels, especially in the early years of marriage. If they can survive it, they will assume his opponent as a brother. Her match any star except Aries.
  • Day
  • Colour
    Dark blue
  • Gemstones
    Turkoois, Turquoise or Zambrut.
  • Numeral
    3, 6, and 9

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