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Good and Bad Characteristics of a Cat to Keep | Mythology of the Meaning of Good and Bad Cat Signs
  • Tread rial. Black cat, all four white legs. Who maintains a prosperous and cheap sustenance.
  • Spring slip. Black haired cat, curled tail. Prosperity that nurtures.
  • Kajantaka son. Black cat fluffy down to his feet. Not good, often quarrels with family.
  • The rabbinical month. Black cat, striped left waist. Congratulations who have, live full of services.
  • Dadang condolences. Black spotted cat, long tail. Maintenance often gets into trouble.
  • Dadang rahayu. A mottled black cat, its tail always twitching. Congratulations on taking care.
  • Full moon. A cat with white fur, with a black band on his right waist. Happy who maintains it and is easy to get sustenance.
  • Moon circumference. A cat with white fur, striped on the right only one, tail rolled up. Happy nurturing.
  • Our witchcraft. A cat with black hair, white stripes with legs reaching the base of its tail. Those who maintain are often afflicted with diseases.
  • My amengku pride. A cat with white fur, on the heels of a black fur. Prosperity that nurtures and is loved by others.