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Characteristics of a Good Dog to Keep | Mythology of the Signs of a Good Dog
  • Gong is patient. A dog whose voice is unanimous. Good and big influence.
  • Gong ampru. The dog that farts when it barks. Very influential.
  • Ipuser years. A dog whirling on its chin. Very well, kills evil beings.
  • Layah rengreng. A red-haired dog, his tongue licking. Killer when he hears.
  • Ki the charcoal candidate. A dog whose soles are wet. Desti destroyer.
  • I'm sorry sir. The black dog whose ears are red. Bring good and destroy all evil.
  • The mother of cypress. A dog whose fur is fine. Useful to drive out all wicked, all evil creatures.
  • Cool dimpil karo. A dog with smooth black hair, twins on its hind toes. Very well, eliminating everything that is haunted and all evil acts of love.
  • Kelawu plot. A white-eyed gray dog, kills all evil creatures.
  • Rajeg wasi. A white dog with a black coat and eyes. A killer and black magic mixed with white (pengiwa).
  • Satruasih. A dog with white, smooth hair, with one black fur on the right. It is very good to cause the wicked to become affectionate, to cause salvation.
  • Ki barracks Linglang. Red haired dog, eyes linglang. Dogs for kings, for general well-being.
  • The ivory tiger. Dogs with yellow stripes, excellent for hunting.
  • Abarsari. The yellow dog, it is very useful, all gers worship him.
  • Selem rengreng. A dog with all black hair down to his toenails, his tongue licking. Beat all those who have black knowledge.
  • Bang shut up. Dog with brownish red hair, black mouth. Good for use for mecaru ceremonies, for the harmony of nature.

Apart from the above, there are three ways to know the nature of a dog, namely by measuring its length, from the tip of the tail to the tip of its nose. Then divide the length by the length of the upper lip and lower lip. Its nature is interpreted sequentially, as follows: jaya (winning in a dog fight), Guna (very useful for its owner), ketek (likes to eat, greedy), kiyul (lazy). Its final fall size determines its nature. For example, if the result of the division gets 10 parts then, the dog's character is kiyul (lazy)