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Characteristics of a Horse that is Good for Raising | Mythology of the Meaning of the Signs of a Good Horse
  • Saddle king. White horse smooth black eyes, black tail too. Good for the vehicle of the powerful rulers, feared by the enemy and others.
  • Nila medi. A smooth, ruddy black horse, a horse that is good and brings strength.
  • full indigo. The black horse was smooth to the eyes. Has the effect of both keeping enemies away and eliminating dasa mala.
  • Tile indigo. Smooth black horse, white hair to his eyes. Soldier vehicles, the enemy is afraid of it.
  • Purna sada. The white horse was smooth to the eyes, very important. The king's vehicle, keeps enemies away and removes dasa mala.
  • Nutmeg. The horse's leg on the right rear is white. The owner will get sufficient food.
  • Ardha plot. A horse with white legs or white stripes, brings goodness and safety.
  • Cannabis rarity. The horse with three legs is white or striped. Soldier vehicles and followed by the enemy.