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The Meaning of Animal Behavior Part-1 | Mythology of the Meaning of Animal Behavior Part One
  • If a pet dog howls all night long, this is a sign that we will hear bad news, where one of our relatives or someone is sick or stricken.
  • It is advisable to drink the seven forms of water immersion at sunset (before sunset) when seeing a pet dog uneasy as usual, meaning as an antidote to the bad luck shown by the dog.
  • When a pet dog scratches all kinds of things, it means that among our families we will receive an unexpected fortune.
  • If the pet dog fights with the neighbor's dog, it means that within a week we will have bad luck, if the fight is unusual, because our dogs have never fought before.
  • If the dog yawns and its eyes water (not because of sleepiness), it means that in the near future the employer will experience very sadistic torture by others.
  • If the dog howls like crying at 24.00 midnight, it means that a family member will fall ill.
  • If the dog howls less than 24.00 midnight, it means there are spirits roaming around the house.
  • It is advisable to bathe a dog that has bitten at dusk with the soaking of seven forms of flowers, with as an antidote so that all the bad luck brought by the dog will soon disappear.
  • A pet dog with seven children was found, which means that the owner of the house will have many enemies in his business.
  • Once upon a time a dog without a owner feels at home, it means that the owner of the house will get a big fortune.
  • If a hoarse bird perches on the roof of the house and repeatedly screams his voice, it means that there will be death in the near future among the family members of the house owner.
  • The hoarse bird flies over the roof tiles of the house and makes a sound, meaning that there will be news that the family whose house is passed will fall ill in the near future.
  • If there is an owl perching on the roof tile of the house in the middle of the night, Mengakana is a signal that will tell you there will be someone who will die tomorrow morning.