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What Tuyul Is - Primbon Bali Agung

Tuyul is a kind of spirit in the form of children, this tuyul can be used or ordered by the owner (the keeper) to steal money. In stealing money, the tuyul has a characteristic that he never stole large amounts of money in one place but paid small installments and did it in many places. For example, when he saw a pile of 100 bills somewhere, he only took one sheet and then did it again in another place. This is why money owners sometimes do not realize that their money is decreasing.

This tuyul is usually kept by someone who wants to get rich quick without having to do hard work. Tuyul can be obtained through certain rituals or simply buy it from smart people. Basically like children, the tuyul doesn't like to work and he prefers to play and have fun. However, under certain conditions, he is willing to do the job of stealing money for his employer. These conditions can be in the form of a promise to fulfill the tuyul's daily needs such as providing his favorite food (it can be human breast milk, blood, incense and so on according to its type). Invite him to play, perform certain rituals for certain days and can even ask for the sacrifice of the lives of those loved by the owner.

In performing their duties, tuyul at the direction of their employer usually has a certain code of conduct, for example:

  • You are not allowed to steal money from your neighbor's employer, so that you will not find out quickly.
  • You are not allowed to steal large amounts of money in one place, so that the modus operandi is not quickly uncovered.
  • Do not steal money from banks or gold shops because such places are usually fenced off by the owner.

Finding wealth by caring for tuyul is a shortcut to getting rich (looking for pesugihan), but this method is actually not recommended and is not justified by religious teachings, any religion is because besides harming others, this method is greedy (greedy) way and justify any means that are against religious teachings. The inability of the owner to fulfill his obligations and even his pet tuyul can cause harm and even death unnaturally.