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Predicts the future by date of birth 22 January 2005 - English Mobile Version

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Birth Date 22 January 2005

The graph of the fluctuation in life shows the ebb and flow of a person's fortune or fate based on his birth, which is divided into every six years.

The Meaning of Dogs Howling at Midnight

If a pet dog howls all night, it is a sign that we will hear bad news, where one of our relatives or someone is sick or stricken by something.

If a dog howls like it's crying at exactly 24.00 midnight, that means ... Details

The Meaning of the Gecko Sound

According to Javanese people's belief, the sound of the gecko is calculated based on an odd-even count to interpret something good or bad that will happen. For example, the sound of the first gecko means good, second bad, third is good and so on. The conclusion is in the last vote, odd means good and even heavy is bad.

Whereas in Balinese society, the sound of the gecko is defined by the number of times the gecko sounds, from one to 15 counts. If the gecko beeps more than 15 times then the count of 16 returns again with its meaning like counting to 1 and so on. The complete meaning of the sound of the gecko based on the number is as follows ... More